• Purim
  • Poverty in your neighborhood is real.
    There are families dealing with medical challenges, eviction and hunger.
    There are parents who can’t marry off their children or make Pesach.
    And there is Ezras Yisroel.

    Ezras Yisroel helps families through their most challenging times.
    Your support changes the lives of families in your community.
    rosh hashana
    rosh hashana
    matanos levyonim
    Matanos L’evyonim
    maos chittin
    Ma’os Chittin
    hachnosas kallah
    Hachnosas Kallah
    widows and orphans
    Widows and Orphans
    summer camp
    Summer Camp
    medical crisis
    Medical Crisis
    torah scholars
    Torah Scholars
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    About Us
    In twenty first century America, it can be hard to tell the difference between the well off and their poor neighbors. But poverty is alive and kicking – and its victims struggle mightily. Ezras Yisroel was established by a group of dedicated members of the community who do everything possible to help. They support the poor through the most challenging times – before holidays, when they marry off their children, and in times of challenge and need. Your support of Ezras Yisroel makes you a partner in helping the poor in your community.
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