Ezras Yisroel supports and assists the needy, by providing grants, loans, and financial support to hundreds of needy people and families, including widows and orphans, the elderly, and the ill. Ezras Yisroel also assists large families with expenses associated with educating and marrying off their children. The organization is run by volunteers, and is totally non-profit. It operates under the auspices of prominent Orthodox Jewish rabbis, and all of its activities are subject to the approval of its Rabbinical Board.
In 1995, a group of community activists gathered to discuss ways to alleviate the suffering of the poor in our community. The group sought to help the needy, particularly during times of financial stress, such as before major holidays, or during times of crisis or major illness. At the meeting, the organization was formed, and named Ezras Yisroel - Help of Israel. It has indeed proven to be a tremendous source of help to thousands of desperate poor people.

The group was spearheaded by prominent rabbis, who continue to guide the activists responsible for the fund’s administration. Each recipient of Ezras Yisroel funds must be approved by a member of the board, so that need is clearly established.
Ezras Yisroel operates year-round, distributing funds to the needy, as necessary. Activities include a monthly stipend distribution for poor families, interest-free loans, bikur cholim - financial and personal aid to the sick, support for widows and orphans, hachnosas kallah - bridal assistance, a Torah scholar program, where scholars are given grants that enable them to pursue their studies, and more.

In addition, Ezras Yisroel conducts three major campaigns a year. These are the Rosh Hashana Campaign, the Matanos L’Evyonim Purim Campaign, and the Passover Campaign. These campaigns provide significant cash gifts to the poor before major Jewish holidays, when families are faced with tremendous expenses. The community supports and values Ezras Yisroel’s tremendous network of services, and the poor have come to look upon the organization as a tremendous source of relief.

Ezras Yisroel is a completely volunteer organization, with no salaries paid. One hundred percent of every donation is distributed to the poor. Administrative costs, such as mailing and printing costs, are covered by private donors.