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...I don't know how you knew - but you did. The dire straits that befell me over the last few months were just unbearable. However, my position in our community did not allow me to turn to others for help. You should know, you didn't help me - you saved me.

Thank you,
From the depths of my heart

...This is to confirm that I have received the sum of $1000, which you have sent on Purim. I would like to express my deep heartfelt thanks. May Hashem repay you for all that you do…

Thank you,

...I would like to thank EZRAS YISROEL for their help and support at times when I was in need of help and money. You also kept everything confidential. I am therefore expressing my deep heartfelt thanks to you and I hope I will one day be able to be a generous donator to this wonderful Gemach.

With much gratitude,

...It is hard for me to express my deep feelings of thanks for your support and for the great value of this big Mitzvah…. Many blessings to the esteemed administration of this wonderful organization, known for its wonderful kindness "EZRAS YISROEL".

Thank you,

...There are no words to describe your generous hearts. You went out of your way to do truthful kindness for my family when you arranged air conditioning to cool off my house. The children are very happy and await the Shabbos when they are home and feel the cool air.

Thank you,

We wish to express our heartfelt thanks for your greatly important help with your warmth, devotion, and most of all, your actions, all of which we cannot enumerate, but we will just mention a few.

First: Your great devotion in handling with the administration of the hospital in Virginia. Through all your efforts we were able to save close to thirty thousand dollars.

Second: One enormous loan of $40,000 to cover part of the hospital expenses; the operation, hospital stay, etc.

Third: Your having a telephone line that was constantly available to lend a listening ear, sound advice, help, and to offer a word of encouragement. Your volunteers exerted themselves to make the long trip from New York to the hospital in Virginia to speak with the doctors personally. Their involvement in matters, in Silver Spring, Washington also bore fruit.

Fourth: Last but definitely not least, your help with the payment of the huge loan.

We don't have any way to repay you for all the worthy deeds that you have done for us to help alleviate a great part of our hardships and the aggravation that was our lot. In addition, the great sums with which you endowed us played a major role in the recovery of the patient.

May Hashem, in turn, pay you in full measure by blessing your efforts with much success, and by blessing you with health, wealth, and happiness.

With great appreciation,