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Under The Guidance Of Rabbinic and Rosh Yeshivas supervision

It's the time of year again. The time of year when simcha and joy permeate our homes and feelings of festivity are palpable by all.

But for many amongst us this feeling of simcha is bittersweet. Purim means pesach is almost here, and to many this means, "How will we put matzohs and wine on the seder table? How will we provide even basic Yom Tov clothing for our families"?

Enter Ezras Yisroel a multi faceted organization whose goal and mission is one of total dedication to helping those less fortunate.

One of the many projects of Ezras Yisroel is their Matonos L'evyonim Campaign, under the auspices of the venerable Rabbi Avrohom Yakkov Pam zt"l of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas, Ezras Yisroel has, for the past several years raised and distributed large sums of money to the needy on Purim. While many of us spend Purim joyfully, with family and friends, these dedicated volunteers spend these hours in a different form of joy. They spend their Purim in the most fulfilling manner of all. The joy of giving to those in need.

Last year close to a hundred families found their burdens somewhat alleviated by the intervention of Ezras Yisroel. These are all families in our midst, who cannot and would not otherwise ask for assistance, but once receiving of help are thankful beyond words.

Unfortunately cases like these do exist. Families amongst us are sometimes thrust into unexpectedly difficult times. We are not aware, but Ezras Yisroel is aware. They seek out those in need and strive to make a difference by helping alleviate their overwhelming monetary burden especially on Purim.

Ezras Yisroel distributes large sums of money to hundreds of such situations on Purim. Thereby, all participants truly fulfill the mitzvah of Matonos L'evyonim in the time-honored manner of discretion and secrecy. No one in need is turned away. In a most caring and sensitive manner they bring the joy of Purim back into the hearts of those in despair.

Ezras Yisroel is recognized and endorsed by leading authorities among them was Rav Pam, zt"l

CLICK HERE to donate to our Matonas L'evyonim Campaign.