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Urgent Call
To our Generous, Worthy Jewish Brethren

We appeal today to our brethren to assist the remarkable organization, Ezras Yisroel, in its performance of the mitzva of Purim, matanos l'evyonim. Ezras Yisroel has proven itself worthy, and has performed exceptionally well in its annual Purim activities, when the organization distributes its gifts to the poor in our community.

This organization was established with kedushah, with holiness, under the auspices of Moreinu Harav Avraham Yaakov HaCohen Pam zatzal. Rav Pam immersed himself in the organization, working and enlisting others to ensure the success of this organization. He guided the gabbaei tzeddakah through each step in the process of assisting the poor, and provided both a Torah outlook and Torah leadership for the project.

Rav Pam supervised Ezras Yisroel's operations, to ensure that the mitzva of matanos l'evyonim would be perfectly performed. This year, too, when Rav Pam is no longer among us, Ezras Yisroel continues in the traditions he taught.

It is with great distress that we acknowledge that the need for the services of Ezras Yisroel has multiplied, for there are so many unfortunate Jews in need. Therefore, we extend our hands to you, and appeal for help.

Please, open your hearts with an awakening of mercy for our unfortunate, desperate brethren! Be extremely generous in your contributions. Give true gifts, gifts of substance, for the mitzva of the day, the mitzva of matanos l'evyonim!

Your contribution will give new life to the poor, will gladden the hearts of widows and orphans, and will bring joy to the downtrodden and desperate. Of course, you will be fulfilling the mitzva of matanos l'evyonim in the most beautiful way. Your gift will be distributed on Purim to needy Jews in our midst.

In the merit of this great mitzva, may Hashem bestow upon you long and peaceful years, with good health and cheer, goodness and blessing, gladness and riches, joy, nachas, and prosperity, and kol tuv!