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Pesach is Almost Here

"Let all who are hungry, enter and eat." (Hagadah)

Dear Friend,

Seder night is a time traditionally steeped in much symbolism. For centuries, Jews the world over, have tried to reenact and revive that heady sensation of freedom and closeness to Hashem that we experienced on that first Pesach night. We have always endeavored to make this holiday an occasion in which to foster our feelings that we are children of royalty.

For our little ones it may be the time to replace their winter-worn shoes. For our older children, that feeling of being special can come in the form of a new dress or suit. The Jewish woman revels in an amply-stocked larder with which to prepare a feast fit for nobility, while the father of the household offers grateful thanks to Hashem for having been able to provide so well for the holiday.

But, alas, for so many families, this scenario is but a wishful dream. Countless Jewish homes, find poverty a steady [albeit unwelcome] guest usually accompanied and exacerbated by other tragic difficulties. Illness, death r"l, and financial ruin have bent our brethren's back and make them feel shackled to a painful existence, with no sign of liberty in sight!

This is where the volunteers of EZRAS YISROEL step in. their determined goal is to make every Jewish man, woman and child taste freedom on Pesach. Supported by people like you and supervised by rabbinic leaders. EZRAS YISROEL channels its resources towards providing food and clothing to those who truly cannot afford it.

By continuing to assist them in this vital work, you can have satisfaction of knowing that through you, another Jewish family will be bestowed a sense of deliverance this auspices time.

In the merit of benevolence, may all of us be granted our fervent wish of Lshana Haba B'Yerushlaim - next year in Jerusalem.