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Since 1994, Ezras Yisroel has sought to ease the anguish and despair experienced by Jewish families and individuals suffering from financial instability and crisis. Established under the auspices of Moreinu HaRav Pam zt”l, and on the recommendation of numerous Gedolei Yisroel (Jewish leaders), Ezras Yisroel serves thousands of people each year through a broad range of compassionate social and financial services.

Our goal is to provide help where, and when it is needed. Through interest-free loans, discreet assistance with Yom Tov expenses, monthly stipends, Hachnosas Kallah (bridal assistance), and many other similarly vital programs, Ezras Yisroel has succeeded in helping to restore hope and dignity to those who turn to us for assistance.

Service Descriptions:

Below, please find a list of the vital services Ezras Yisroel provides. You can be confident that every person we help is genuinely in need of our assistance. Furthermore, when we help, we go to the great lengths insuring the protection of their privacy, and dignity.

Also, each and every dollar we receive goes directly to the people we help. Because Ezras Yisroel does not use solicited funds to support our overhead, every dollar collected is given to those who we serve.

1. National Matanos L'evyonim Campaign
Ezras Yisroel, each year on Purim, spreads the genuine joy of Purim to countless destitute families and individuals by discreetly distributing significant sums of desperately needed money. Additionally, the efforts of our annual campaign provides thousands of Jews the opportunity to truly fulfill their obligation of distributing charity on the day of Purim itself. (Donate here)
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2. Maos Chitim Relief Fund
Ezras Yisroel watches each year, as thousands of destitute people approach the holiday of Pesach painfully aware of the bitter irony of the term “Poor man’s bread”: After all, many of these families can hardly afford the astronomical cost of Matzoh, wine, and Kosher for Passover foods. To make sure every Jew has a Chag Kosher V’sameach (happy holiday), Ezras Yisroel established a special Pesach Fund to give large and needy families the seder supplies they need to make their Pesach truly meaningful. (Donate here)
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3. Yomim Noraim Campaign
Ezras Yisroel provides extra assistance to many families on the eve of the High Holidays. In particular, we help widows and orphans enjoy their Yom Tov by providing funds to buy new shoes, clothing, and food for the holiday table. All the money is distributed before Yom Tov to truly needy people so Ezras Yisroel supporters enter the Day of Judgment knowing they have fulfilled the all-important Mitzvah of Tzedakah (charity). (Donate here)

4. Chanukah Campaign
Ezras Yisroel is witness to the pain on the darkened faces of our needy brethren at a time when we are all meant to rejoice. By distributing funds to those who so desperately need them, we are helping make their Chanukah, and thus their lives, just so much brighter. (Donate here)

5. Interest Free Loans
Ezras Yisroel provides interest-free loans to families and individuals in dire need of assistance with repayment schedules that are both generous and flexible. Because Ezras Yisroel provides these interest-free loans, borrowers avoid falling further into debt. Furthermore, because these are loans, not handouts, our recipients can accept without sacrificing their dignity. (Donate here)

6. Hachnosas Kallah Division
Ezras Yisroel began its Hachnosas Kallah (bridal assistance) fund, for reasons that anyone who has married off a child can relate. Indeed, for families, and individuals lacking financial resources, the joyous period of preparing for a wedding is often transformed into a time of great hardship and anxiety. Ezras Yisroel helps by providing needy families with the many essentials for establishing a household, as well as direct assistance to help pay for the wedding celebration. (Donate here)

7. Widows & Orphans
Ezras Yisroel understands, that the tragedy of a family that loses its father, or a wife who loses her husband, is doubly heartbreaking when the loss leaves the wife and children destitute. By providing urgently needed monetary support, Ezras Yisroel affords the only glimmer of hope such families have to remain together and rebuild in the wake of such misfortune. (Donate here)

8. Bikur Cholim
Ezras Yisroel knows, that when the stress of a medical emergency is compounded by the prohibitive expense of an extended hospital stay, or travel, many families find themselves facing total financial ruin. Or, even when the bills are not overwhelming, such times can be difficult for a family to endure without help. That’s why we provide financial assistance, home cooked meals, visitor squads, transportation, as well as recreation and emotional support to ease the adversity. (Donate here)

9. Monthly Stipends for Needy Families
Ezras Yisroel supports impoverished families who are unable to afford even their most basic day-to-day expenses. Each month, money is given to help pay for rent, groceries, and clothing for children. By taking special care to protect the privacy, dignity and self-respect of our recipients, Ezras Yisroel helps our countless supporters truly observe the essence of Tzedakah (charity) each and every day. (Donate here)

10. Torah Scholar Program
Ezras Yisroel sees many sincere Torah scholars live in a shocking state of poverty, and yet are too humble to ask for assistance. We speak to Roshei Yeshiva, to Roshei Kollelim, and we are constantly being made aware of such people, to provide the assistance they need in a manner they will accept. The money from Ezras Yisroel goes toward supporting today’s budding Torah giants and tomorrow’s Gedolim. (Donate here)