What do these all have in common?

A little boy’s medical emergency requires an operation at a cost which far exceeds the annual household earnings of a local family... after losing his job, a man with seven children faces losing his home - and his dignity... night after night, a widowed mother cries herself to sleep knowing she cannot possibly afford a wedding for her daughter... for one child, the joy of the upcoming Yom Tov is muted by her father’s growing pile of bills, and shrinking paycheck...

They all have just one place to turn: Ezras Yisroel

Ezras Yisroel is an organization where those who need... know they will find. It is an organization that lets those who give... know their gift will be received. Established by Moreinu HaRav Pam zt''l, and strongly supported by numerous Gedolei Yisroel (Jewish leaders), it is an organization that works to ease the suffering and pain of poverty-stricken Jewish people everywhere.

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